Cheap escorts in London talks about why her husband is into foot fetish

A man could have penis erection in some reasons but others have it in other way around and that is very special before it triggers on. In some men, by simply a bare foot of a women they found so much erection with it. This so called foot fetish, this kind of special factor that not all men as it. Amongst the million man all over the planet there were only few who has the said kind of condition. These men are harmless for they are just so careful with their penis health not to get into trouble. But in some other cases men incorporate some needs of foot-fixated fantasies to his very own real sexual life.

Foot Fetish

Foot fetish is commonly called as podophilia, it is an all about on an interest for sex most particularly on the foot this includes the toes and ankle or simply the whole foot of a person. There are people who loves foot with socks into it, but others don’t. They love foots which wrapped with stockings and with black leathered pumps attached on it.

There are different forms of foot fetish. If someone is particularly fixated with the parts of their foot then they have come up into different styles and fashion when it comes to foot wardrobes and accessories. They found it so sexy having all those stuffs into someone’s foot.

There men also who loves doing masturbation out of looking into a foot away from him or by just looking couples kissing on their foot. Others also love the scene wherein their penis is directly touched into the foot of their partner during sexual encounter. There are also men loves playing around their penis very much closer to their own foot. There are lot of forms wherein foot fetish is being done. There are cases where they feel pain due to the uncontrolled orgasm they felt and they have the tendency that they were to able move a little bit harder due to the impact of its satisfaction.

The Fetish

Most men, having their own podophilia is all that they need in them, in some other men they don’t like the idea of doing fetish with somebody they just simply love doing it on their own. But there were those men also who choose to hide it with their selves and trying it on unto their sexual partners. Men find fetish very enjoyable to make if they do it on their own rather than into doing it with somebody else. But there were those who are tired enough of doing it by their own that is why they would try do it with their partner.

Get into details – you have toc clear things out to your partner on what you want to do. Be specific in telling it and you should go into details on what you really to happen so that your partner would know what to do in doing not wait for embarrassing moment so let her know what you love and hate to do in doing the fetish.

Get real

If you are into a long kind of relationship and you would like incorporate fetish in your sex then you have to make it sure that your partner will not be surprise on the changes that you will make in your sexual encounter. Inform her everything so that she will not be surprised on things that will happen get it on real things to happen rather than waiting for her reaction after you did it her without telling her what’s going to happen.

Get proud

Doing fetish is never wrong at all. It is clearly known that men don’t have that much control over their excitement and arousal. So better let others know especially your partner that you have that kind of fetish in achieving your orgasm.

After all the information gathered by the Cheap escorts in London they have come into realization about the reasons why their husband are fun of foot fetish. Without a doubt Cheap London escorts now fully understand where her husband is coming from. So Cheap London escorts come up into an idea of talking to her husband and compromise with what he loves to do while they are doing sex.